Rectangle Health offers exclusive solutions for hospitals, providing an integrated, efficient system that receives increased patient collections and reduces costs.

  • Seamless System Integrations and Connections
  • Automated Payment Plans
  • Secured Payment System
  • Reduced Costs
  • Improved Patient Satisfaction

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Rectangle Health makes hospital payments frictionless for patients and helps hospitals capture — and protect — revenue. Our powerful data-driven technology combined with your existing patient accounting system, helps you leverage comprehensive reporting to achieve best-practice performance metrics, make informed business decisions and improve efficiencies.

Additionally, Rectangle Health can connect hospitals and/or hospital groups together on each of their systems so that each entity can process and report on one platform. We help bring your hospital’s self-pay revenue cycle management to the next level of performance.

Our powerful technology solutions help your hospital’s bottom line by:

Claims management can be time-consuming, which is a costly resource drain, not to mention the possibility of manual error. Automated remittance processing and reimbursement deposit management creates real time cash flow reporting, eliminating hours wasted on labor-intensive manual processing and reducing risk of errors.

Rectangle Health enables your hospital to connect with multiple payment systems; from self-pay patient payment systems connecting to hospital practice management systems, to onsite parking and gift shops. Our self-pay patient processing solution is comprehensive.

Retain patient payment information for balance payments and future visits and don’t let a patient walk out the door without a payment method on file.

Connect and process all forms of payment, including credit, debit, ACH and check guarantee throughout all your hospital’s departments with peace of mind. Reduce liability for lost or stolen patient payment information by eliminating those files from your system. Rectangle Health securely stores patient cardholder information within our PCI-compliant data storage service.

With our proprietary healthcare forms and electronic signature capabilities, recurring payments and post insurance balances are collected and reported efficiently and effectively. We make it easy to receive patient payments at point of service, kiosks, mobile devices and patient portal, or through recurring payments. Additionally, balance reminders can be sent via text.

Our cohesive software system produces the most effective payment process and returns high patient collection percentages by reducing multiple patient statements and related costs. There’s no fees associated with implementation or integration of our proprietary software

Our integrated system provides patients options to pay via text, portal, kiosk, etc., with the ability to use credit cards and Apple, Android, or Samsung Pay at point of service.

Our Practice Management Bridge™ eliminates manual posting and can be incorporated into any health information or practice management system – saving you and your patients time and providing a seamless posting process.

Practice Management Bridge processes credit card transactions securely in concert with patient management systems/accounting systems, which reconcile the books.

The Practice Management Bridge®:

  • Eliminates paper statements
  • Reduces accounts receivable balances up to 50 percent depending on functionality of existing system, as well as reduces AR time by at least 40 percent, savings tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars per year
  • Reduces patient responsibility at time of service
  • Allows patients to pay cash if they choose, as well as enhances patient payment experience
  • Allows full reporting and reconciliation for full practice transparency
  • Reduces fraud risk, increases profitability and create an ecosystem that enhances patient experience


Our powerful data-driven technology helps hospitals improve payment rates from patients, increase patient satisfaction and reduce the amount of staff hours spent dealing with inefficient systems.

Combining Rectangle Health’s technology with your existing health information system means leveraging comprehensive reporting to achieve best-practice performance metrics and allows you to focus on your patients.

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